Windows - Long timeout when channel off air

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Is bit possible to set a maximum time out when a channel cant be tuned in, ie when its off air.

For instance, BBC 3 and 4 don't start broadcasting until 7pm, if you zap through these channels (ie wife does not understand its off air and its consequence) there is about a minute timeout before Media Portal PVR add on gives up.

Is there a setting or shortcut to set for example 5 seconds and skip when off air.

Media Portal 1.3.0 back end
XBMC front end (Margro's build for fast channel switching)
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Running UBUNTU and having the same problem with channels that are not available/offair. Using MYthTV. Seems like it makes a couple attempts at connecting to the backend before it finally gives up. I understand the need for multiple attempts in most real world cases, but it makes the guide unpleasant to use if you happen to click on/through a channel that is unavailable and have to wait 1-2 minutes. Issue occurs in both Frodo and Gotham. Would be nice if it were somehow having a timeout or max attempts in the advancedsettings.

Liking the updated EPG in gotham though, much nicer.

Would be nice if when returning from the full screen video, it would return to the same row in the EPG.

These couple things would make it much more usable from my perspective. XBMC rocks!
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