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Doctor D

Thanks for the stand alone scrapper! It works very well. I did notice a few things though. When I scrape a movie that I already have the poster, I go to write to file and the new poster does not over write the old poster. I did make sure that "overwrite fan art and posters" were checked. It looks like it overwrites the .nfo file and all actor images but not the poster. If I go in a delete the poster it creates a new one. I have my file shared out on a nas and made sure that the files did not have the read only attribute. I also moved one over to my computers desktop and had the same problem. I was also wondering if there is a way to search for the movie ID instead of the folder name/movie name. I have noticed that movies that are part of a series tend to not always come up except the trailer. For example the movie Amazing Tits from 2013 I only get the option for the trailer. If I rename the folder to the ID 1114282 it pulls in the info just fine. Thanks again for all your help!!!
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(2013-05-22 05:00)DoctorD Wrote:  1.5 - 2013-11-26 - Fixed problems with actors not scraping properly. Added in NfoUrl section so that you can create a .nfo alongside your file containing the URL of the page on data18's content section you want the file scraped as. Renamed scraper to metadata.movie.data18.content.com to conform to rename done when it was uploaded to xbmc-adult.

does this url feature work anymore? doesnt seem to for me.
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