[MOD] Xperience1080++

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(2013-08-05 10:10)im85288 Wrote:  
(2013-07-31 15:42)Jz123 Wrote:  Great mod, only thing is. Dont know if its skin related. But is it possible to put the "Opening stream" dialog to the background? (Where the loading data is on the top right corner).
For example, when i enable it to load the trailer for in the movie information option. That dialog always is blocking my scren a few sec then. Tongue

Cheers! Would love to hear reply![/align]

Hi, thanks man. I did try to investigate this but have not come up with a 100% answer yet. If anyone knows if this can be done please post the code and I can include it.

any news on this I am also looking for this is there at least a way to hide the opening stream window when pseudotv live is running

info in the ptvl thread:

In-order to Block XBMC's Seekbar from popping up on channel change:
Add the following to your skins visible area in dialogseekbar.xml
Window.IsActive(fullscreenvideo) + !Window.IsActive(script.pseudotv.TVOverlay.xml) + !Window.IsActive(script.pseudotv.live.TVOverlay.xml)

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