cant asked to fucus?

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Question  cant asked to fucus?
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hello , everyone

when my addon UI display on the screen

simultaneously,i move my mouse then xbmc crash

i view the xbmc_crash log , it give me an error like this

ERROR: Control 500 in window 13000 has been asked to focus, but it can't

i check the ui xml file of my addon,i find control id = 500, but i cant find the window id 13000

how should i do to solve this problem?
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i didnt remember exactly, but xbmc generate window ids for your custom windows
if you define an own id for your window you can check the error again in the log <window id="1234"
a list cannot get get the focus unless it has some existing elements
the elements must exist before the __init__() Call and therefor can only be defined in the xml
if you define a default control, the control should be already generated before this call
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I observe the problem for a while
maybe the problem is caused by
PHP Code:
<defaultcontrol always="true">500</defaultcontrol
because i must do something and get the control by my python code, i am not sure , but it seens like that, must try
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