Support Thread for libstagefright

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(2014-11-12 12:00)Koying Wrote:  Works fine on Galaxy Tab 3 10", h/w accel included.
Nexus Player is a x86 and seems mostly working, too.
What's your android version, if it's 4.2.2, please give me a copy of your, it is in system/lib
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Hi, i need your help ...

Sinds 2 weeks i've a Android Box from Keedox ( android 4.4.2 ) These product reads everything ( on paper ... ) but when i open XBMC and i launch a MP4 or MKV i've audio but no video.

I check the acceleration and when i select just " libstagefright " i've audio and video but only for 20sec after that FREEZE ...

Somebody can help me ?

The box is " Keedox Quad Core Mini PC Smart TV Box TV Dongle Android 4.2.2 8GB NAND Flash 1080P HDMI WIFI "

Thanks for your help ^^
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(2014-11-08 18:00)salman79uk Wrote:  Hi guys,

So using SPMC on a rockchip 3188 device.

What is the recommended HW acceleration setting for this device, libstagefright enabled, Mediacodec enabled or both enabled??

By default both are enabled?

Many thanks.

OK so does the latest vanilla Kodi (14.0) contain the rockchip 3188 enhancements?

In my testing it still stutters pretty bad with 1080p videos?
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sirmedia Offline
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So on a Nexus 7 FHD (2013) I cannot play mkv with MPEG2 video unless I disable libstagefright, I get only audio but no video. Tried both SPMC and Kodi 14.
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