[Release] Keymap Editor (configure remote in GUI)

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(2017-05-17 15:27)infinity85 Wrote:  
(2017-05-17 15:15)daharris Wrote:  Is there any way to clear the buttons for fullscreen video playback and navigation? I don't want any keyboard buttons to do anything during fullscreen video playback.
Yes, you could copy the default keymap.xml to the userdata/keymap/keymap.xml directory or so. And then edit all the buttons in it, that you don't want to be working with the noop

see here: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=293399

How do you set the "noop" action with a keyboard?
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(2017-05-17 15:45)daharris Wrote:  How do you set the "noop" action with a keyboard?
Hmm, I don't understand the question, please be more specific Wink

the keyboard.xml contains lines like this:


So if you edit <p>Play</p> to <p>noop</p> the button p should lose its function. I guess so at least.
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hello im hoping someone can help
im trying to add a short cut to my music library but nothing happens

ive tried these

edit/music/navigation/parent directory/1
edit/music/navigation/context menu/2
edit/global/windows/open music library/3

everything else seems to work but i cant get a short cut to my music folder which is on an external usb hdd, folder path /media/media/music
im running OSMC Krypton
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