[Release] Keymap Editor (configure remote in GUI)

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eoghan Offline
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Im having trouble mapping only 2 buttons on my vrc-1100 remote.The internet button with e wont register and the yellow pvr button. Any workaround for this. Ive looked at guides and wikis but i cant figure it out.

Zotac Zbox id41 Intel Atom d525 nm10 1.8ghz openelec
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mcowher Offline
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I had this app working just great with Kodi in Openelec, but recently, I can no longer get past the "Edit Key" step. When I select Edit Key, it takes me right back to "Select the action to assign a key" without ever asking me to press a key on the remote.

I suspect this problem started after an Openelec upgrade. I'm running Openelec 5.0.8 Generic .x86_64 which is Kodi 14.2 Helix.

Again, this app worked perfectly until about a month ago. I've tried erasing all .xml files from the keymaps directory and starting all over, but it doesn't help.

There are no errors in the kodi.log around the time I'm trying to Edit Keys.

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jp2code Offline
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So, how do I remove the values that are in here?

[Image: ahP87RT.png]

It seemed to work best when those fields were blank (like the other fields), but I don't know how to go about clearing a row.

Does anyone know how to clear an entry?
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c128 Offline
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I'm using OpenElec 5.0.8 with Keymap Editor 1.0.9 and a genuine Microsoft MCE remote (with the coloured buttons).

I'd like to map the Context Menu to one of the coloured buttons so that it brings up the Context Menu everywhere, but particularly on entries in the TV "Recordings" window.

However...wherever I set up one of these buttons it doesn't seem to respond as I'd expect i.e.:

Global -> Navigation -> Context Menu (originally "c"): Doesn't work in "Recordings", does work on files in Music.
PVR -> Navigation -> Context Menu (originally unassigned): Does nothing
PVR -> Windows -> Open Context Menu (originally unassigned): Does nothing

I'm probably missing something obvious :-)

How do I map a button to bring up the Context Menu (as "c" on the keyboard does) everywhere, including on a recording in the TV "Recordings" window?
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