[Release] Keymap Editor (configure remote in GUI)

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Hi guys, I createt a blank playlist where I want to put movies in it that has been watched like the last 1o watched movies so if a movie plays I´d like to push a button on my remote so the playlist open up to save the movie...is this possible and where can I find this command?
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(2015-11-19 23:59)DarrenHill Wrote:  It's designed for direct input (keyboard, mouse, touchscreen etc) not for remote apps, at least to my understanding.

Look in the Supplimentary Tools section of this forum for more details on remotes etc, including the official iOS one (sorry I'm an Android, Windows and Pi user, not an Apple one so can't help specifically with your question).

Thanks for your answer man Wink . i think i have read in this thread any people mapping for app. But now i resolved this. the problem was de remote app. whit other remote i can mapping with keyboard.xml
Thanks a lot Wink
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