[Release] Keymap Editor (configure remote in GUI)

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Hi All

Is it possible to add PlayerDebug to the Keymap Editor as an action under GLOBAL > OTHER ?

The old "CodecInfo" display has been removed in Krypton ( Sad ) - and there remains a stripped-down version of some of this info. The discussion on this can be found here.

The PlayerDebug overlay is not available by default - the user must map their own specific key or remote-button-press to have it displayed.

"CodecInfo" is replaced by PlayerProcessInfo, is mapped by default to the "O" key, and requires skin support to display the new overlay.

As an example, Confluence now shows the new info screen like this.

I have found no way to hack this new PlayerDebug action into the Keymap Editor, so I hope an update will be made to the addon. (I am completely lost trying to change the relevant XML files in the LibreELEC environment).

Thanks in advance, for help and advice Nod

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