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lou_cyfer Offline
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Post: #16
tried it with gotham... my experience:
- seems to work "somehow" with playlists, no resume on second start of XBMC
- does not start the service reliable
- does not "resume" reliable
- can crash even windows (thanks dude)

I'm not complaining, just "reporting" Smile

I checked the content of xbmcresume.db with "SQLlite manager":
- after xbmc ALT-F4, "audio" and "audio_playlist" in the DB-file can become "null" / "blank" => no resume (for actual audio file played) possible.
=> buggy (I guess, for some reason the service writes data during xbmc-exit, which could be null)
- after xbmc "exit button", "audio" and "audio_playlist" seem to by ok => resumable (dont know how reliable)

I really wonder, why such an essential feature is not provided by XMBC intrinsicly.
I love XBMC, but this is a killerfeature missing for years now !
Would LOVE to have it for car, "internet radio PCs" or my cellar-bar-PC Wink
All this units run just by "power on".. and XBMC is the dead end Sad

I used a wired setup with curl/.bat/eventghost/.py so far to "autoresume"... but its pain to setup & far from being perfect.
This feature belongs to XBMC and shouldn't be an "add on/externally".

(This post was last modified: 2014-04-18 10:39 by lou_cyfer.)
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ProGEEK Offline
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Wink  RE: [RELEASE] XBMC Resume
Post: #17
I have found this to work flawlessly and love it.
My only gripe would be the lack of being able to disable the "Resuming" progress dialog. IMHO, A simple notification would have been sufficient and a toggle setting to enable/disable.

Other than this, works a treat! Use it for my Car PC and its great not having to select music every time I turn the key on. Big Grin
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c_dunne Offline
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Post: #18
Apologies if this is a noob question but I've installed XBMC Resume on my raspbmc install. It started by working fine but today the pi seems to crash on boot when it displays the 100% of the resume complete bar and eventually exits itself and runs again.

I've tried looking to see if there's any easy way to disable running this plugin in shell and have deleted all the lines in '/.xbmc/userdata/addon_data/script.service.xbmcresume' but to no avail.

Does anyone know how I can easily prevent the plugin from auto running in shell?
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ssy080 Offline
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Post: #19
Hi, this is good, but it only works if I exit out of xbmc (force close). I would like the normal "resume xx:xx" and "start at the beginning" prompt if a previously watched add-on video is selected instead of it resuming automatically. Is this at all possible?

Thank you for the great work!
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martyanov Offline
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Post: #20
Unfortunately I can not download, writes "dead links".
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veretnov2005 Offline
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Post: #21
Hello! Links for downloading don't work, can you upload adddon again, it is excellent addon for carpc.
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masinad Offline
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Post: #22
+1 wold also like to get mirror link
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IckZ Offline
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Post: #23
I would also like to test this version on osmc rc3. Any news about the mirror?
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