Beta - PseudoTV Live - w/ LiveTV, InternetTV and added Strm Support

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(2015-07-28 07:43)ryanmcclure Wrote:  Does anyone know what each of these configurations does?

Wait for playback (seconds)
Force Playback timeout (seconds)

I suppose that they are self-explanatory, but I guess my question is: how does it affect PTVL performance? What happens when 'Wait for playback' reaches the second limit set? When 'Force Playback timeout' is met, what does PTVL do? I've found a few things in the changelog, but I'm still a bit unsure.

there is a bug with PTVL service and Kodi... that causes performance issues when changing channels... it will be fixed in the next update.
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I've been having the issue of my movies starting from the beginning when switching channels. Digging around shows me that this is related to local subtitle files located in the movie folders. Removing all of my subtitle files fixes the issue, but obviously I would like to have them available. Has a workaround/fix been made for this bug yet?

I'm running the latest version of PTVLive (0.6.4c).

I can try to get a log later when I get back to my HTPC if necessary.
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First I would like to state how absolutely amazing this program is still playing with most of the features ... but so far I love it .. Running a MyGica ( for now .. I have 3 other boxes I plan on using it on ) Kodi 15
just a few questions I can't seem to find any answers to:

1Smile I am starting with a basic setup ( some HDHomerun channels .. couple plugin channels .. no scrapping my media yet ) each time it starts it scans through each channel rebuilding it? This could literally take hours when I finally get all my channels setup. Is there a way to have it only check for changes?

2) I cannot seem to get it to pull any channels from my PVR setup on the system ( and working I should add ) Stalker Client and IPTV Simple PVR .. all channels etc work in the " TV section " of Kodi .. but when I add live tv select PVR .. it gets the working circle then simply does nothing .. It worked ( somewhat ) on Kodi 14.1 .. but not 15

3) I noticed there is a spot for configuration backup ( Coming soon ) .. is there a way to back it up now?

4) I have the Donor extras activated .. is the donor list empty all the time?

5) EPG still states only for Donors .. ? I thought I was ? Anyway to check it? I have been tinkering with my own EPG pulling apps ( WebGrab + etc ) but I would like to see what is missing first

6) Is there a way to have one system running .. like my Windows box and have the others in my house pull the channel configs etc from it? Just the Windows box is simply for testing I never really use Kodi on it

7) Recording ... to a network drive?

OK I will stop right there lol ... please don't flame me for all the questions .. just trying to get it working as good as possible .. yes I have read Milkman's guide ( I think it was called Milkman's lol )

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