html5 / css/ jquery screensaver

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yee379 Offline
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hi, i was wondering whether it's possible to bring up a screensaver for a (local) webpage. the basic idea is that i wanted to have something similar to the 'sliding tiles' screen saver on the mac - but on xbmc. after a little surfing, i found shifting tiles css which basically does the same thing in the browser...

i'm guessing that i could write a python class to open firefox in full screen mode (but i'm pretty sure i'm taking a very simplistic approach to this).
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upandcumming Offline
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I think this would be beautiful...
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el_cabong Offline
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im looking to see if this is possible as well.. id like to create a dashboard webpage with weather/local news/etc.. i figure if the screen is on, i should be getting some info from it.. this will be much easier to get how i want it through html/css/js than to create a screen in a skin or addon directly..
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