html5 / css/ jquery screensaver

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yee379 Offline
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hi, i was wondering whether it's possible to bring up a screensaver for a (local) webpage. the basic idea is that i wanted to have something similar to the 'sliding tiles' screen saver on the mac - but on xbmc. after a little surfing, i found shifting tiles css which basically does the same thing in the browser...

i'm guessing that i could write a python class to open firefox in full screen mode (but i'm pretty sure i'm taking a very simplistic approach to this).
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upandcumming Offline
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I think this would be beautiful...
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el_cabong Offline
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im looking to see if this is possible as well.. id like to create a dashboard webpage with weather/local news/etc.. i figure if the screen is on, i should be getting some info from it.. this will be much easier to get how i want it through html/css/js than to create a screen in a skin or addon directly..
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AmandaKendzior Offline
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Hi all - the team I'm working with are creating a product that sounds like it could exactly suit your needs. Screensaver Ninja transforms your screensaver into a rotation of live websites so you can display - well, anything! Our customers use it for personal use, within a weather station, for analytics, customer service desk tickets, etc. It's quite customisable, so you can choose rotation timings, add recipes, local files, and so on.

You can check out more info at

Hope it comes in handy!

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