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benb Offline
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I'd like to develop a PVR addon. I wrote a TV backend similar to MythTV backend, called Zeipis. I'd like to add it to XBMC using the new PVR API.

However, I couldn't find any development or API documentation about it. Huh All I found was the existing plugins (including the demo), at https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc-pvr-ad...ter/addons (not sure whether this is the official once).

Where can I find documentation?

I noticed that all the PVR plugins are in C++. I had assumed that it's possible to write them in Python. For my client, Python is plenty sufficient, as it's just calling a web service for everything - and this is something that's comparably hard to do in C++. Is there a way to write PVR plugins in Python only?


Ben Bucksch

P.S. Shouldn't there be a PVR addon forum in Add-ons Help and Support?
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spiff Offline
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there is some doxy, the rest is monkey see, monkey do and you have discovered. this is floss Smile

there is no python pvr add-on API.
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benb Offline
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I've tried this "copy and just go" with the XBMC plugin, and it's been an utter pain. The API and the whole idea and concept is great, but without documentation, there are enough pitholes to make it highly painful.

I've spent the whole night fighting, until after 8 AM in the morning. I don't even know basics like test cycles, i.e. how do I quickly test my plugin changes, without clicking myself through the UI of installing, navigating etc. every time I change a code line and want to test it.

FLOSS and documentation are no contradiction. Python itself is excellently documented, with extensive API docs including introductions and examples for each module, with many tutorials etc. It's more a question of how much you want new developers.

Too bad that there's no Python API. I don't feel like connecting to web services via C++. Too bad, because the PVR API idea is great.
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bam80 Offline
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Yea, I wanted to port some existing python video plugin to PVR subsystem, but now I doubt if I can, when I realized the API is purely C++..
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