Android - (Help) XBMC build that uses MX-player will not allow me to enable more add-ons

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bigwash Offline
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Here is the problem. I just downloaded the XBMC version for android that uses the MX-Player to play HD content. The problem that i'm having is that this version of XBMC has several add-ons already pre-installed but when i try to enable more add-ons listed, it will not enable the new add-ons. Can anyone help me with this problem? Additionally, when i added movies and tv shows from my NAS, the HD movies seem to lag and perform a little choppy. I've never had that problem with other XBMC versions, such as for windows and the older version for android that doesn't use the MX-Player. Any thoughts. Thanks Guys for your time

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We do not provide any help here with piracy addons like navi-x or 1channel and so on.
You used a build that is not made by us so we have no idea how it was made and so on.
We can can only offer support for builds like this

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