Mac OS X - Audio Channels completely broken in XBMC 12.1-13.0 for OSX

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(2013-09-05 02:17)jopie Wrote:  I have solved the problem for the time being. I quit XBMC, started the AudioMidi setup and double checked the settings and noticed the frquency was still the same (44100 Khz) but that the number of channels had mysteriously changed to 8 channel 8-16 bit. I changed it back to 2 channel and presto XBMC was back to normal. Hope this might be of use to some of you at least.

This worked for me!

My daughter put a Wiimote through our TV.

When we started up the new TV, we only had audio through the left channel.

Spent hours trying to nut the problem out

Checked in the Audio Midi setup as suggested here and it was set to 8 Channels.

Switched to 2 and everything is fine now - thanks
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(2013-08-11 18:12)macuniverse Wrote:  Hi all,

First time here but long time XBMC user ;-)

If you are connecting your Mac audio/video to your AVR through HDMI I suggest the following:

Before running XBMC run "Audio MIDI Setup" on your Mac. You can find it in "Applications/utilities" folder. Set it to 2 Channel audio. Set the sample rate and channel freq to match your AVR. In my case it is set to 24bit/192KHz

Run XBMC and set your speaker config to 2.0 as suggested before. My understanding is, regardless of this setting, HDMI passes digital signal to your AVR and AVR knows how to handle that signal; including 2.0, 2.1, 5.1, etc

I tested mp3 and Flac files and they worked fine. I also tested 5.1 DTS, DD and they worked as well.

Hope this helps.

Info: OSX 10.8.3, Mac mini 2011, AVR Onkyo 818, XBMC 12.2, speakers 5.1 Audio setup

My XBMC Audio Settings:

Audio Output: HDMI
Speaker Configuration: 2.0
Boost Volume: OFF
Output stereo to all speakers: OFF
Dolby Digital Capable: ON
DTS Capable: ON
Multichannel LPCM: YES
Audio Output Device: Default
Play GUI sounds: Only when playback stopped

I tried this in the latest beta of Gotham, but then I only get 2.0 audio from 5.1 movies??
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Then you haven't set passthrough DTS/AC3 to on. Or what kind of audio is your 5.1 movies? (if it is aac5.1 you need to turn on ac3 transcoding in addition).

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There seems to be no option in Gotham beta 3 for that.
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(2014-04-14 18:35)lapino Wrote:  There seems to be no option in Gotham beta 3 for that.

Make sure you have "expert" or "advanced" (I think) mode set in the default confluence skin. If you are using another skin you may not see these options so switch to Confluence temporarily to set the expert or advanced mode.

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