Creating a xbmc Ubuntu boot disk

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thaiboxerguy Offline
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Following the wiki guide it says to download the xbmc Ubuntu iso and use Linuxlive USB creator to make a boot disc
I have downloaded the file but it contains four folders
Disk. Casper. Iso Linux and pressed
I can't find an iso file anywhere
Wiki doesn't seem to help me here Confused
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artrafael Offline
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The file you download has an *.iso file extension. You then burn this to a CD as an image. If your resulting disk has the four folders you had mentioned, then it sounds like you've done it correctly. You should be able to boot from that CD to either run XBMC in "live" mode or install it to your hard drive.
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GeorgeStark Offline
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Use something like LinuxLive ( to 'burn' the image file (the .ISO) to a USB stick and you should be good to go. I've recently done exactly the same thing and it worked first time.
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