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add --incognito to the command that launches chromium, according to the first result on the google search for chromium commandline


EDIT: sorry this is the chrome, not chromium launcher thread. However the answer is the same


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(2015-08-01 07:30)nickr Wrote:  
(2015-07-31 11:03)millerf Wrote:  Hi everyone,

I am a brand new user of the chrome launcher, and I was actually looking to have the xbmc controls interface working with it (play/pause/....).

I was thinking about developing a chrome extension to retrieve the video state and send it to a XBMC plug in via the JSON-RPC interface.

Now, let's assume we can effectively retrieve the video statein Chrome, I don't quite now the extends of what is possible to do in an XBMC extension. Does anyone have any idea about that and if it could be possible?


There are some control ideas dealt with here.

Edit bugger it I can't seem to copy and paste in tapatalk right now. Go to openelec forums, the thread tutorial chromium html5 setup, or something like that.

No luck....
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i use kodi in real fullscreen mode (no fullscreen windows). if i do theat every time i close chrome kodi is minimized (has lost focus). is there anything i can do that kodi doesnt lost focus (except use fullscreen window within kodi)?
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