Release - LazyTV - an unwatched TV Show playlist generator

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GWright Offline
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Some of the addons were updated over the last few days and now when I start lazytv I get a script error. Problem is that sometimes lazytv starts afterwards and sometimes it won't.
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Rouzax Offline
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Awesome plugin!
I have two questions.

When is the database of LazyTV updated and can that be changed?
The reason I ask this is because I want to use the resume feature of an in progress show. When I start to watch a random created playlist and stop watching an episode and want to start a new random playlist the next day (my HTPC runs 24/7) it will not start with the in progress episode. Only after I restart my HTPC I see the notification that LazyTV is updated.
Would it be possible to update the LazyTV DB on start or stop of an item being played?

The other thing is the option to only include certain TV Shows in the random playlist would it be possible to change that to everything except?
I have a lot of shows and add new shows regularly and 99% of the time I want those shows to be in the random playlist creator.
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