Windows - BackRow crashing during install

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This was not a fluke.

I am a pc tech. All my computers runs flawlessly on Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

During the new skin install to TWO high end systems that have Frodo... the install 'percentage counter' and mouse both freeze at 97 percent. However, while the arrow pointer is frozen it's just XBMC that is not responding.. while the computer operating system is fine and the keyboard still works.

A new window appears asking me if I want to switch to the new skin. It accepts my YES response.

During this freeze time I can also see notifications that the Skin add-on completed. However, the mouse pointer for XBMC is frozen... and a new pointer appears that shows the classic windows 'time out' donut. After another few minutes, XBMC crashes and exits on its own..

I am able to restart the program,, but the new skin does NOT install.

I then must go back to the menu and activate the skin...

After some tinkering, the skin loads.

This happened on two different systems... in the exact manner I described.

How do I inform the author of the software?
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Additionally, I am having issues on BOTH systems getting the mouse to properly highlight my MAIN selections.

For example, if I drag my mouse to the left or right, the menu rotates.. however to get the selector to change the 'highlighted category'I have to move my mouse about randomly over the menu item until the highlight responds.

The result is that if I press the mouse button, if the mouse is over the selection I desire..but the highlight has not lit up the menu item.... the wrong menu launches.

I think this skin is the nicest I have seen for XBMC.. but I will have to abandon it if we cannot get it working properly.
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It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has the same issues when installing Back Row - not saying it's not happening for you but I can't replicate it myself.

For your 2nd point, I'm afraid in Back Row mouse support is not really implemented in the way a traditional mouse would work especially for things such as wrap lists. In Back Row the home screen controls work far more intuitively with a remote control or keyboard. However it's not something I've bothered looking at in ages so I'll take a look and see if there's some tweaks I can make. Obviously though feel free to use other skins that implement mouse support in a way that you would prefer - I think Confluence and most likely Transparency support use mouse well.
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