Skin support is causing functional problems

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anibeasts Offline
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I have so many problems because of the skin that I use (Aeon Nox).
I use it because I can customise the menu. If confluence did that I would have no problem in using it and save myself the hassle.
Why would anyone tie functionality to a skin?
I must say XBMC skin support is badly designed or that Skin addons like Aeon Nox should have any additional functionality tacked on to it.
Its really hard to debug too.
Anyway just thought I mention this so that this might change in the future.

XBMC v16.1 Jarvis, Aeon Nox 5.1.1
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit SP1, CPU: AMD A8-3850 Quad Core Fusion,
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hstegeman Offline
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Perhaps an other skin will work for you.

See the next link. This is the skin confluence that can be modified.

I am a fan of the amber skin, it's beautiful, simple and fast.
It's not possible to modify it that much.
See the next link.
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