Access video files on hard drive connected to router

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HI there guys,

Started to experiment with xbmc as looking to buy a tv (been without for a year) and dont have cable so need some kind of media center. I am looking at the possibility of using an ouya for this? any other recommendations would be appreciated.

Any way to the point. I am currently using my macbook pro to play around with the system.

I have a hard drive hooked up to my Asus RT-N56U which i use to store all my video files so multiple people in the house can access them.

I have played around with trying to get to xbmc to find these files and so far have failed. I did manage to find the hard drive and access the shared file on that hard drive but it is not showing any content with in that file.

Any help wold be greatly appreciated

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Though you may encounter what seems to be an empty folder add it as a source anyway and set the correct scraper for it. It should then see all your files
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