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Is it possible to use a short video as a background, in the place of Fanart?

I picked up season 1 of Hell On Wheels today, and didn't make it past the main menu as the preview of the show looked "I dunno" but I'll rip it and watch it later.

Anyways, I was really captivated by the main menu, and thought, "Wouldn't it be sweet if that's how the Season menus for TV shows looked?!". It has a big picture instead of a box art, an episode menu, and then a short video that loops in the background.

Is this possible. I just moved and don't have the huge amount of I time, nor my stuff setup, to work on my Arduino stuff. But I do have my laptop now in the living room and an hour or so each night to work on Skinning, but I'm not going to bother if this isn't even doable.
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