Recently Added Movies & Wall Widget For Main Menu

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MS413 Offline
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Post: #16
Got it to work, I pasted the xml file to Aeon Nox Master folder.
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AeronNL Offline
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Post: #17
For me no luck as well, i just can scroll to the 8th movie and then it goes back to the first.
Is it also possible to show 10 items on the screen and make the posters a little smaller, more like in Aeon MQ 5?
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LEDFan Offline
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Post: #18
In Aeon Nox, just a tip for those using Smart Playlists using widgets 1 or 2. To display more than 8 recent items you must add entries for "Custom1Widget", and so... in the file Includes_Widget1.xml or Includes_Widget2.xml in \users\username\appdata\roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.aeon.nox\1080i\
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raczyk Offline
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Yes, was looking to have something similar. Recent movies episodes, only shows one latest movie / episode in the right hand side... Guess it's alright.
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