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Slava Offline
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Post: #196
Hello to everyone.

Mine main issue is that I can't install the add-on. It's show percentage but it is 0% and right after it resetting the page and addon not installed.

I am using openlec on raspbery and I really nee cloud service for installing zip reposittorys.

Thanks for any help.
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wolfalex03 Offline
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Post: #197

I'm trying to sync the root folder of Dropbox in my Raspberry Pi (raspbmc) in a external hard drive. It doesn't sync and I get the following error in the kodi log:

16:36:12 T:2888266816   ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<--
                                             - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS!
                                            Error Type: <type 'exceptions.EOFError'>
                                            Error Contents:
                                            Traceback (most recent call last):
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/", line 32, in <module>
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/sync/", line 51, in run
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/sync/", line 130, in update_accounts
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/sync/", line 65, in init
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/sync/", line 209, in _get_settings
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/sync/", line 257, in _setupSyncRoot
                                                clientCursor = self.getClientCursor()
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/sync/", line 279, in getClientCursor
                                                cursor, data = self.getSyncData()
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/sync/", line 303, in getSyncData
                                                cursor, data = pickle.load(f)
                                              File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 1378, in load
                                                return Unpickler(file).load()
                                              File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 858, in load
                                              File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 880, in load_eof
                                                raise EOFError
                                            -->End of Python script error report<--

I'm using the lastest version of dbmc, 0.9.3.

Do you know why is this happening?

Best regards,

(full log: )
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David Kifer Offline
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Post: #198
I just started Dbmc yesterday and still all I see when I select my account is the folders for the picture files I have in Dropbox. I do see dates when I go to view images downloaded from my phone file, but when I select any of these nothing appears. When I select on of the files I get all of the .mov items in that file, but none will play. Is there anything else I need to do/
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Lizibubu Offline
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Post: #199
I'm trying to add the Dropbox plugin but after entering all the codes I get an authorisation failed, can anyone help me please?
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cul8ter_RB Offline
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Post: #200
HI all!

I try to run Dbmc on Android 4.4.2 Kodi 15.1, Raspberry B and Raspberry 2, After adding the account, i get on all three a Error Messages if i try to start Dbmc.
I get a pop-up "Dbmc (Dropbox add-on) error, check the log for more information".
Also i can't see the account.
is there anny known bug?

I solved it myself :-)
Log reading helps!
The reason was the character "ß" in my account Name! I changed it into "ss" an did the account adding procedure again -> it works!
(This post was last modified: 2015-09-21 13:49 by cul8ter_RB.)
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adito Offline
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Post: #201
Hello everyone,

I'm using synchronization to sync a folder in my device but...
when it is synchronize?
some times in the first load of kodi and sometimes it takes days...

is there sync now or something?
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Morphy99 Offline
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Post: #202
I'm getting an error on RPI2 on OE 6 as well. Are you guys on Pi using OE? I'm not sure if its a Python issue in OE you know as I had errors from other addons using python too. Mine is during sync which works to start with then breaks later. Weirdly I can browse the remote folder if I go into dbmc its just the sync that isnt working.

01:00:42  42.457886 T:1429365824   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting
01:00:46  46.528252 T:1446143040   ERROR: Exception in thread Thread-2:
                                            Traceback (most recent call last):
                                              File "/home/stephan/projects/openelec-6.0/build.OpenELEC-RPi2.arm-6.0.0/Python-2.7.3/.install_pkg/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 551, in __bootstrap_inner
                                              File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/sync/", line 43, in run
                                              File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/sync/", line 61, in _getRemoteChanges
                                                items, clientCursor, reset, hasMore = self._sync_account._client.getRemoteChanges(clientCursor)
                                              File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/", line 48, in wrapper
                                                return f(self, *args, **keywords)
                                              File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/", line 345, in getRemoteChanges
                                                response =
                                              File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/dropbox/", line 468, in delta
                                                return self.rest_client.POST(url, params, headers)
                                              File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/dropbox/", line 262, in POST
                                                return cls.IMPL.POST(*n, **kw)
                                              File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/dropbox/", line 209, in POST
                                                post_params=params, headers=headers, raw_response=raw_response)
                                              File "/storage/.kodi/addons/plugin.dbmc/resources/lib/dropbox/", line 179, in request
                                                raise RESTSocketError(host, e)
                                            RESTSocketError: Error connecting to "": [Errno 1] _ssl.c:504: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed
(This post was last modified: 2015-12-09 00:57 by Morphy99.)
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TMonte87 Offline
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Post: #203
23:06:18 T:10056  NOTICE: plugin.dbmc: Enabled synchronization for AF TV
23:06:19 T:13084  NOTICE: plugin.dbmc: Synchronizing number of items: 0/1 (AF TV)
23:06:19 T:13084   ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::Create - Error creating special:/masterprofile
23:06:19 T:13084   ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::Create - Error creating special:/masterprofile/addon_data
23:06:19 T:13084   ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::Create - Error creating special:/masterprofile/addon_data/
23:06:19 T:13084   ERROR: plugin.dbmc: Failed saving file special:\masterprofile\addon_data\\settings.xml. Error: [Errno 22] invalid mode ('wb') or filename: u'special:\\masterprofile\\addon_data\\\\settings.xml'
23:06:19 T:13084   ERROR: plugin.dbmc: Exception occurred for file special:\masterprofile\addon_data\\settings.xml
23:06:19 T:13084   ERROR: plugin.dbmc: Traceback (most recent call last):
                                              File "C:\Users\Tom\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.dbmc\resources\lib\sync\syncfile​.py", line 86, in sync
                                              File "C:\Users\Tom\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.dbmc\resources\lib\sync\syncobje​", line 104, in updateTimeStamp
                                                st = os.stat(self._localPath)
                                            WindowsError: [Error 123] The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect: u'special:\\masterprofile\\addon_data\\\\settings.xml'
23:06:19 T:13084  NOTICE: plugin.dbmc: Number of items synchronized: 1 (AF TV)

Any idea why I can't sync this properly??
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mbriody Offline
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Post: #204
I am trying to understand the "sync" concept within this addon. I had it set to Sync = on but found my USB stick (I am using OpenElec) almost full with synched Dropbox content.

What I want is to be able to just stream the content from Dropbox. But when I turn Sync = off then I see no files in the addon.

Am I missing something?
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Atarian Offline
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Post: #205
Trying to use this plugin at the office so all of our designers can drop their mockups a in a folder, and we can view them on the big screen in the conference room. It doesn't seem to want to display any images, though. When I navigate to a folder with images, it does the caching, and as I scroll through the list, it shows the thumbnails, but if I click any of them, it doesn't open the image. Videos work great, though. Any ideas?

(This post was last modified: 2016-02-04 07:23 by Atarian.)
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