Music Fanart not showing on Now Playing screen

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TubbyPoutine Offline
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I have the latest version of Quartz skin and when I play music in XBMC from my MP3 library in the Now Playing view, does not show fanart in the background even though that setting is enabled (Options, Fanart = Enabled).
The strange thing is that sometimes when I first start playing an MP3 and it goes into Now Playing view, the fanart will appear in the background but only for 1-2 seconds then it disappears and the background goes black again.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

My Setup:
- ATV1 running Crystalbuntu 2, Frodo 12.2
- Quartz 4.1.4 skin
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tmalkiew Offline
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I have a similar issue running Frodo 12.2 on PI with the latest OpenElec 3.2.3. Fanart enabled in the settings.
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passenger Offline
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I'm also experiencing this, I thought it was a bug related to OS Mavericks/Frodo 12.2 but in Confluence and other skins it works fine. Sometimes fanart appears for 1-2 seconds like TubbyPoutine mentioned but most of the time is just empty/black.
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rcrh Offline
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could I dump this?

This skin is nice & light and well suited for the new firetv stick but I do miss my artist fanart slideshow.
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