XBMC + MPC-HC issue with NFS

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Hi all,

I am using XBMC + Frodo 12.0, and MPC-HC as an external player. My movies are located in a server (WHS 2011) and I get access to them through a client PC (Win7 x64).
In order to improve network performance I recently switched from SMB to NFS.
In XBMC, I tried to setup directly the access to the NFS folders by navigating into the WHS 2011server to point to the right folders where movies are located (nfs:\\x.x.x.x\films).
I have access to the NFS folders though the XBMC navigation, and also directly in windows. But when I launch the movie from XBMC, then MPC-HC says "can not render the file".
In Win7 I mapped the NFS folders to specific drives (with letters), then pointed to such mapped drives in XBMC, and it works. I can also open the files directly from windows. So it seems that there is an issue either in MPC-HC, or XBMC wrongly passing the arguments to MPC-HC.
Did anyone experience this issue? Any clue on how to solve this please?
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MPC-HC can't do anything with nfs:// urls ... only xbmc can. This is the problem here.

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HowTo setup NFS for Kodi: NFS (wiki)
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Have the same problem here. I was wondering if there is a way to pass this NFS string URL in the format that MPC-HC understands? I thought MPC-HC can play from NFS shares mounted on Windows PC. I too would like to use NFS vs. SMB with my Synology as NFS delivers much better performance on Synology NAS, I can play 120MBit Jellyfish files with NFS and only 60MBit at best with SMB.

Any way around it, or should it be addressed with MPC team?


(2013-09-10 10:26)Memphiz Wrote:  MPC-HC can't do anything with nfs:// urls ... only xbmc can. This is the problem here.
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