Changing Video Small Wall

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gsxxer Offline
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I am using the Small Wall for the video's.
If you stay for about 3 seconds on an cover of the movie an overview is popping up with the video information.

[Image: 4lRd20s.png]

How can I disable that in the xml files?

Also if you go from over the covers of the movies, they are increasing in size.
Where can I adjust this to a smaller setting.

[Image: lmaCwEK.png]

When my kid wants to see what movies there are, this is blocking other movies...

Or is there an easier way to accomplish this?

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HI gsxxer

You can disable the movie info popup for the wall views in skin settings.

However your second point regarding changing the way the view works for the focussed item isn't as straight forward. You would need to edit the CommonVideoLibraryViews.xml, find the view "SmallIcons", then find the focusedlayout part of the control, then remove the animation controls.
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