Solved Issue - Feature Request & Question

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Question  Feature Request & Question
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Good Evening,

First I just wanted to thank you for continuing the development of this awesome skin. The WAF on this is through the roof, and we've yet to find another skin that we like nearly as much. With that in mind, I do have 2 things to ask of you. The first, would it be possible to integrate this script into the skin? --> (Recently added for smart playlists)

And the second (which I feel foolish for asking) is how does one go about updating the skin? I'm not seeing the option (though I did install from git). Any help you can provide will be appreciated... and thanks again!

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You need to install it from a repo .. not from a zip file. That way when the repo gets updated it will auto-update for you.
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Marked as solved because pletopia's answer is the only way to update a skin automatically.
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