Release - TvTunes Addon - Retrieve & Play Soundtracks Whilst Browsing Your Library

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(2014-11-25 13:58)rob_webset Wrote:  Hi Wanilton,

Please can you give the following a quick test.



This change has been published - hope that it fixes your problem

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I have the same problem ... How to solve?
  I did not have this problem, however when trying helix beta 5 and then back to beta helix 4, I have this problem.

I do not understand how to say, "Turn back the system"

I am using beta 5

(2014-11-13 07:31)arithine Wrote:  
(2014-11-12 22:10)capfuturo Wrote:  
(2014-11-12 19:56)arithine Wrote:  Unfortunately it does not continue playing. Is it possible it's an issue with the skin?

When you say 'cuts of when it's over', do you mean the theme plays only once and doesn't loop?

No I mean it stops playing when the selection is over ".."(previous menu/up directory)

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