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(2014-12-21 15:15)capfuturo Wrote:  @Judocama: new to TvTunes? Cool A year ago you asked the same question. Please see the thread which extends from post 342 to 357

Regarding special characters: I was in the impression there was no problem with this since TvTunes plays themes for my films with diacritics in their title, however this may be different for remote locations as you report. Does your problem with accent also happen for movies in local source (local naming convention)?

Sorry, did not remember previously in use. The truth is that from then until about a month ago have not gone back to using xbmc and has been in kodi when I have encouraged again.
Thanks for answering so quickly. Indeed if the song is in the local directory if you play it but not when this network.
Even if this network and has no accent but I put the year also don´t play it.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Play fine
Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - Not play

Malefica - Play fine
Maléfica - Not play

Really I have the directory over my mac whith Yosemite
Really doesn´t network is a volume in my pc.

I hope your help. A greeting.
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