[Linux] xwmm not properly saving movie sets

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Im running Eden on Ubuntu 12.04 with JX720 skin.
every time i make movie set collection changes ,then update my library .,I lose all the collection changes I just made and have to re-organize them all again . Does anyone know how to prevent this ? Its getting annoying when i add a ONE new movie . hit update library ,and then have to redo all the collections i made (especially when you have 500+ movies).
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Yes because the changes are beyond the scraped data which comes from sites which store it in said format and style.

If you want to make changes permanent you need to look at nfos, otherwise this is not a XWMM problem or XBMC problem since both XBMC changes (read Gotham can edit Movies without web-interace) and will behave the same.

You could also mark the folder skip on library updates and done, maybe?
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