Feature Request - Fonts: Sans Cap

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I have tried the latest version of Hybrid, having extensivley used CCM before. The skin is (at last) responsive. Its on-screen projection of fanart/extrafamart is superb --- all the more so since it works out of the box, without you having to tweak eanything. Having long been of the opinion that the display of fanart is the only eye candy XBMC needs, Hybrid is the fastest skin to fullfil this requirement and consequently, IMHO, the best eye-candy skin.

The only thing I find unsatisfactory is Hybrid's use of all-capital fonts. From an ergonomic point of view all-caps is a net visibility loss without adding anything of value to the setup.

A side note: Hybrid feels more responsive, and even looks better, with a horizontal menu. This is puzzling because Convergence (its predecessor) felt and looked better with the vertical menu.

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