Solved Issue - The Young Turks

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The Young Turks is an online news program. They now have a 24/hr live stream and they upload all of their segments to YouTube. They also have a number of shows associated with the TYT network. I was hoping someone could create a TYT Network add-on for XBMC similar to the TWiT add-on (

Ideally, the add-on would allow access to the TYT live stream (, the main videos (, and the other shows on the network like:

TYT University:
What the Flick:
The David Pakman Show:

There are other shows, but those are the ones I watch mostly.

Everything is hosted on YouTube, but the XBMC YouTube player isn't working for the live stream (at least for me... and I haven't been able to get any help about it in the release thread... every other live stream works just fine. Just not TYT) and it doesn't allow for any kind of folder/organization, so everything gets mixed up with my other subscriptions. But because everything is on YouTube, I wouldn't think this would be super difficult, but I really don't have the technical expertise to know.

Just thought it would be a good idea. Hopefully I'm not the only one out there who loves this network!
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I'm aware this is an old thread but I second this request. There are TYT apps available for Roku, Android and IOS but can't seem to find one for Kodi.
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Thread moved to add-on requests
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I think most of the things listed can be accessed with the youtube plugin.

I would like something like this but for accessing the member only archives.
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Looks like they have a lot of great content:

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(2016-08-11 22:00)Raitsa Wrote:  Looks like they have a lot of great content:

Yes, a lot of great content:
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I just created a TYT video plugin for members. It is on the kodi main repository. To use it, you must be a member. Make sure to go to settings and put in your username and password. It has hour1, hour2, post game, old school, and behind the scenes. All their other content is already accessible through youtube, which I may add in later. The videos that are from when they had the MBox hosting servers don't work (Then again, they don't work on their site either), but when they port them over to their new server, they should work. Just search for TYT in system/addons (If it doesn't show up, pull the left tab over and click "Check For Updates"). This plugin works with Jarvis and newer.
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