Nas online background service

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At this moment I only use my NAS for storing XBMC data (movies, series, etc). I created a line in the rc.local file when XBMC starts it sends a WOL signal to my NAS (I don't want to keep my NAS online 24/7).

From that moment XBMC loads the shell, but it takes about 2 mins for the NAS to start-up. I would like to create a background service which checks the NAS status. While the NAS is not online it should display a popup saying; "Waiting for NAS to come online" and closes when start-up is completed.

Is something already available or easy to make? I am able to write some basic python code, but I don't know where to begin.

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I am not sure why you don't leave your NAS on 24/7, I can assume power consumption would be one reason but with drive spin down technology I can't imagine it costs that much to keep it on 24/7. Also from experience the hardest task for a drive is to spin up so I feel like leaving it on 24/7 and drives spinning you get the longest life out of a drive.

I know this doesn't answer your question but wanted to put it out there.

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Mostly power consumption. I already have a ESXi server running.

On the Synology NAS I have the spin-down of the HDD's doesn't work flawlessly. There are probably application running preventing the disk's to spin-down.

To get some XBMC develop experience I think this would be a good practice.
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