Feature Request - List View with soft transitions

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I really like this skin, but there are just these two things which stops me from using it as my main skin.
(Till yesterday this was my favourite skin on build 1.6, but then it updated automatically to the latest build because of a repo which I added, ).

Firstly, would it be possible to make the covers in List-View with a soft transition while scrolling?
They seem to be a little but hard on the eyes, while scrolling quickly.

So that the covers won't be gone while fast scrolling, like in the old 1.x.x builds.

Secondly, I am not sure if you are aware of those large covers on those older builds,
but these large covers (nearly fullscreen) would be also nice as an option.

I really like this skin, but these two issues are really hard for me as a long time neon-user.

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