Easy Setup Guide For NFS in Linux

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protocol77 Offline
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hey does anyone know an easy to follow guide for setting up NFS for my xbmc machines i would be setting this up on an Ubuntu Based (Lubuntu) Home Server and i cannot seem to find an easy to use guide for connecting my xbmc machines (some windows and some openelec) to nfs shares
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artrafael Offline
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Have you read this wiki article already? NFS (wiki)
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protocol77 Offline
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yeah i have but i was looking for noob guide something like

Step 1: type this.....

Step 2 then type this...

preferrably with images if possible

i am just starting to learn linux so need to dumb it down for me Smile

basically i want to just share my tv show and movies folders with xbmc machines so i can scan then in and watch stuff i know i can simply use samba but i am looking to get the most performance as possible over the network
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doug piston Offline
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I'm not going to do pics but...

sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server
sudo nano /etc/exports

The last command will create your exports file by opening it in a text editor called nano. In that file you decide which directory you'd like to share and to what IP. For example I want to share the 'media' directory in my home directory and to my XBMC box which is at IP so I would add this line


After that hold ctrl and hit 'x'. Follow the little guide at the bottom and it'll write and save the file.

Then restart the nfs server
sudo service nfs-kernel-server restart

PS> It's good to have static IP's for both the server and the client
PSS> I hate nano but it has an on screen guide and is a bit more newbie friendly.
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shadow Offline
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If you want to have any system on your LAN able to access the shares instead of just one, use this as the IP

Modify to your needs.
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