Chinese keyboard addon

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Daniel Xu Offline
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Whats up Pi'ers. I'm having trouble installing an addon called Chinese keyboard addon module. I've downloaded the zip file from the original source but clicking on the zip file using the Pi doesnt do anything. I've looked into more details about this module and there is a guy that says I should do this:

1. Add required import in your addon.xml
. . .
<import addon="script.module.keyboard.chinese" version="1.0.0"/>

2. Normal Use ChineseKeyboard
import ChineseKeyboard
keyboard = ChineseKeyboard.Keyboard(default,heading)
if (keyboard.isConfirmed()):
input_string = keyboard.getText()

So, my question is. Do I have to do this? If so would i need to SSH into the PI to access the files? Please bare with me as this is my first Pi project.
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taxigps Offline
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it's a module used by other add-on need Chinese input. can't run alone. see
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nmum Offline
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Wanted to bump this thread.

Could someone give step by step instructions on what is needed with the addon.xml file?

I tried to do a search online and couldn't find specifics on what needs to be done. Where everything that mentions addon,xml looks like it's geared towards developers or they just reference needing to update it with no details.

I tired skimming through the file manager in XBMC and don't think I saw the file, but didn't check all the directories.

Then tried to put the SD card into a windows machine and tried to do a search for the file, but it didn't find it either.

Thanks in advance!
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