Windows - Channel Switching real slow in XBMC, in ARGUS itself fine. Why?

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BjornP Offline
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I am running an HTPC (Core I5, 8GB internal, 64GB SSD) with XBMC Frodo 12.2, SKIN AEON and have installed the MQ5 expansion.
Most of it is working , besides the TV guide. But that is not the current question.
Thing is that switching a channel may take more than 10 seconds.

If I switch the channel in Argus itself this is done in about 2 seonds. Why?

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Swifty Offline
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Known issue with XBMC unfortunately - see the Mediaportal sub section on these forums, margro has posted a build which gives some improvement if you are using windows.
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hick Offline
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Is it faster in linux (ie Openelec)?[/align]
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On linux with Mythtv + the latest mythtv add on code channel changes range from 2-4 seconds.

If you mean from a Linux client with argus then I doubt it will be any faster.
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I've found that using Margro's XBMC build fixes this issue completely. Get it here and install it over your current XBMC installation.

Direct download link:

Worked for me.
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I don't know what's been done in Gotham, or whether it's ArgusTV itself, but in the Gotham Beta 3 running whatever the latest Argus version is (2.2.2 I think), channel changes (for HD are about 5 second for the first one and 2-4 seconds thereafter. Massive improvement and puts it in line with MythTV in linux as mentioned above.

Note, my machine is a little i3 1.4GHz, 4GB RAM so way down on the specs of the OP.
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bluechris Offline
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I was also fine with latest gotham but since I tried margro builds I'm damn faster now under 1 sec changes witch is near perfect.

There's no substitute for experience
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