PleXBMC add-on / skin integration support

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(2014-12-02 00:28)drewg Wrote:  
(2014-11-28 10:00)ars92 Wrote:  Seems to be that plex home breaks plexbmc. Although I've disabled plex home for now, would be nice to see it working with plexbmc.

Stupid question, but how do you disable plex home?

I reverted my PMS install in a panic last night to work around a plexbmc crash, but I did it without trying to figure out what was wrong. I have a log (which I now realize is useless, as plex specific debug was not enabled.


Just disable the pin you created. Thats basically disabling plex home.

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drewg Offline
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I updated again to the latest PMS last night . I never created a pin... i"m not a plexpass member, and don't have the home feature, AFAICT.

Maybe the breakage I saw was unrelated, as plexbmc kept working immediately after the upgrade.
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Unfortunately for me, PlexBMC is not working with or without Plex Home enabled for multi-users. If you enable local auth for servers (so that each user profile on your XBMC logs in with its own Plex account for their own segregated watchlists, etc.), things go wonky with PlexBMC. Hoping this gets fixed.

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is there anyway to pickup a seedbox running plex? its in my plex media manager on the pc but it wont pickup in plexbmc just wondering if there is anyway to do this or not
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