Release - Version 2.4.4

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20.10.2013 - version 2.4.4
feature: added icons to the menu items
feature: changed our notification system
feature: improved caching of extrathumbs/extrafanart
feature: improvements to the renamer (+new commandline argument -checkFiles)
feature: at single scrape, searches with only 1 result will automatically taken
feature: added context menu with common actions in the movie set panel
feature: selective datasource update for commandline (see
fix: massive rework on our caching system (images should no longer be cut off)
fix: do not cache images in the url cache anymore (they were kinda useless)
fix: set movie year an initial value if deleted in the editor (rather than NULL)
fix: for some users (mainly java 1.6 users) mediainfo was gathering nothing since 2.4.3
fix: better name/year detection in the filename/directory parser
fix: when downloading extrafanart/extrathumb no mediainfo was gathered for them
fix: when renaming a multiepisode file, the episode title will no longer taken into the filename
fix: changed IMDB scraper due to changes the plotsummary page

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Everything is working great guys, keep up the good work!

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nice stuff! Thanks!
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