Where to start customising?

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I would like to customise XBMC to make its usage easier for less computer literate people and to serve my special purposes.
I am somewhat computer literate and would not hesitate to alter XML files or even the music library. However, I would not know where to startHuh and I would be grateful if some kind soul out there could point me in the right directionAngel, that is, to tell me which files to alter.

System details (in case it matters):
XBMC latest version 12.x
Nexus 7 tablet (old) with Android 4.3
re-Touched skin

Here are my wishes for customising:

1. In music / library mode I'd like to navigate: Music > Genres > Albums (instead of Artists). In that view all other sub-menus like "year" and so on should not be shown.
2. On start of XBMC the "Music" section should display directly.
3. With skin "re-touched": The top row with the "now playing" display should be grater in high and font size larger.
4. In all list views less lines and larger font size.
5. In play mode: a large display of the album art

Pls., where would I start to customise XBMC to implement my wishes?

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