CCTV screensaver need help with refresh

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I am creating a screensaver that will view show what my CCTV cameras i have started on the code from and only changed the background to my URL link that works fine with getting the footage that is currently showing but i need it to refresh every half a second.

How would i put that in the script and where would i put it?

Thank you
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can you show the code you used to make the webpage the background.. im trying to do something similar. thanks.
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Hi, el_cabong

I stop this project ages ago, as i could not find away to stop xbmc from caching the original pictures and looping through the cache instead of updating to new pictures...

I am using a program called ispy that would create a jpg of the current camera and then update the website every X seconds...

If i remember correctly i changed the file "resources/skins/default/720p/script-Python Screensaver TEST-main.xml" so it read

        <control type="image">
            <description>Black Background</description>
            <texture>{MY URL}</texture>

I ended up using my xbmc setup as a server for the cctv so any recordings and pictures save to the xbmc set up, i then set up just a normal slideshow screensaver and choose the image directory where i store my cctv images...
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