Live TV controls question

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txcas Offline
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Is there any key that will go back i.e. 15 seconds when watching Live TV? How about going forward 30 seconds? I can do it with the left and right arrows on recorded shows, but it does not seem to work on Live TV. I am using Frodo with MythTV 0.27 on the backend and cmyth 1.6.12 on the frontend.
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voyo Offline
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Same question here. Im just trying to switch from full MythFrontend to XBMC + PVR addon.
does it support time shifting at all ??
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nickr Offline
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I must check this out tomorrow. (Going out to a concert tonight so it'll be a while till I get a chance.)

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awp0 Offline
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I don't run MythTV, but I did have the same problem with LiveTV using the WMC integration. If the PVR backend supports timeshifting, then I think you have to enable the skip forward/backward functions by modifying the remote.xml file. If you look at the FullScreenLiveTV section in that file (near the end), you may notice that nothing is mapped to the left and right keys. If you copy those entries from FullScreenVideo into FullScreenLiveTV and then restart XBMC then it may work.

Note that I also had to do this in the keyboard.xml file because I'm using Flirc, which maps the remote to keyboard keys. So may the left and right remote keys in remote.xml and also map the left and right keyboard keys in keyboard.xml. Worked for me anyway. Hope it helps.
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tknorris Offline
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The period and comma should do that. It does on mine.
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