Xbmcbuntu, why not 12.04 LTS

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after installing Xbmcbuntu yesterday i wondering that it was build on 12.10, I thought they were using 12.04 because of LTS. I think the support for 12.10 ends in April 2014 and in that case I have to upgrade every half year - from 12.04 to the next LTS i can do it directly.

Why they using 12.10 instead of 12.04 and how do you handle the feature upgrades?

Ups, sorry i posted in wrong Forum...
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They use 12.10 because 12.04 didn't work with newer hardware e.g. AMD Trinity at the time. Nobody forces you to upgrade, but if you want its standard ubuntu procedure.
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There's also a new version of Xubuntu every year - with new version of Ubuntu - so that covers it as well.

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