New Harmony Smart Control Remote

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(2015-09-21 11:48)bobones Wrote:  Defcon's guide is here:

i know but im failing at getting it to work higher kernels,i can connect the bluetooth but it only picks up the softbuttons. if any of you are good in bluetooth please help us.
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knives of ice
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i am absolutely going insane because my harmony remote will not connect via bluetooth anymore to the libreElec interface. i have no idea what the problem is i keep getting an error message when going through the connection process. has anyone had similar problems and can you offer any tips? i've used this remote for years with bluetooth but now after the krypton upgrade i can't get it to connect no matter what.

the logitech forums are an absolute joke now, they were great before. what they have now insane and impossible to navigate so getting help there is near impossible.

just tried again the error i get each time is bluetooth error did not receive a reply.

maybe i need to update the hub software or something? any ideas?


yep, it was the hub firmware. finally got it working - i had to update the hub firmware. i figured this out myself just a shot in the dark thats what it may be because of course there are no notifications to do this with the smart remote and logitech ruined their forums they are unusable now. all good now though
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Does anyone know if they fixed the problem with the 'discrete on' not working correctly with the Intel NUC?

Toggle on/off works fine but sometimes it gets out of sync, if activity button is pushed again.
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Jay La Funk
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How can I map the following keys on the remote to work with Kodi,
1 = Info
2 = Subtitles
3 = Zoom
4 = Menu

I have a Flirc but I can't upgrade it with Windows 10, keep getting error message about drivers so how would I do it with My Harmony remote as it only shows my nVidia Shield TV settings and no acces to Kodi key strokes.
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