New Harmony Smart Control Remote

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(2017-02-04 00:50)infinity85 Wrote:  
(2017-02-03 11:33)sausageman Wrote:  I have had the hub paired and trusted using the Kodi profile, but none of the buttons work.

I'll look at that pairing guide later, but the pairing isn't the issue.
Could still be. It depends on how you pair it. If you pair your Hub with LibreELEC by pressing the hubs "pair" button at the rear, then buttons won't work.
If you set up the "Microsoft - KODI" profile like described in my guide and then evoke the pairing process from the Android/iOS Harmony App, then buttons should work flawlessly. Obviosly you should have no custom keymapsor so set at first.

Yeah, i used the microsoft-kodi profile and paired from within kodi. I'll try again tonight before returning if it doesn't work still.

A couple of things that may mean something to someone. I've been using a ps3 remote through the bluetooth receiver. I don't know if I need to unpair this. Also, I have a remote.xml, but no keymap.xml. Should I have nothing before I start?
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3 years after starting this thread I finally worked out how to use Blutooth and its so much faster!

All you need to do is setup a new "Entertainment device" using the smart phone app with:

Manufacturer: Microsoft
Model: Kodi

Then pair it with your HTPC. I had to plug in a wired keyboard to get LibreELEC to pair the bluetooth device, it showed as a "harmony keyboard". Once this was done I setup a new activity with an additional shutdown control to stop any playback when the user hits the power button. The HTPC stays on all the time(its fanless) and instantly comes alive when the TV switches on.

The remote is now instant and there is no longer an IR delay. It really is a huge improvement doing it this way.

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