[Suggestions] Ace 2

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sidewalksuper Offline
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Just tab to go to fullscreen? Or am I misunderstanding your problem Smile
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Something I would appreciate is if (I guess it is) TV show widgets on the home page had the option of showing by episode or by show (analogous to how music is handled) (or at least I don't know how to do that in the current Ace).

scott s.
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(2013-11-20 17:31)sidewalksuper Wrote:  Just tab to go to fullscreen? Or am I misunderstanding your problem Smile

Tab toggles between menus and fullscreen vis either with/without the furniture Sad
Ive updated my post with some pictures.
ThorC1138 Offline
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Support for PTV/PTVL with a dedicated OSD overlay, EPG, and config screens.

"Show OSD for X seconds on video playback"
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I Have some Home screen Related ideas:
- Use TV/Movie fanart as home screen background.
- option to have a global home screen background
- easier way to customize skin backgrounds (using the build-in browser to select images)
- the option to select a different font for the homescreen: arial/segoe-like
- option to disable the submenus in the homescreen (keeping it simpler for kids to navigate)
- per-user favorites: (when i use the skin on a different profile than 'master', it loads the 'master' profile favorites.xml regardless.)

[Image: all-thin-fanart.jpg]
protocol77 Offline
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changeable watched icons (ticks on items that have been watched)

Adding Options like Shutdown, Suspend, etc to power menu so when pressing S on keyboard it gives me these options instead of having to go to submenu of exit button on main page
sidewalksuper Offline
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A lot of those things are already possible with Ace 1 Smile

- option to disable the submenus in the homescreen (keeping it simpler for kids to navigate)
- Use TV/Movie fanart as home screen background.
Already possible in all MQ skins I think Smile
geny Offline
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- I like that name Ace doesn't have errors reports & rbstract with 16:10 screens like in MQ5, so I'd definitely try to keep that. Maybe also incorporate 4:3 screens like iPads.
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LFC..UK Offline
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Options to Turn ON/OFF the following Music Information-

Moods, Themes, Styles

The reason for my suggestion is that the music scrapers do not always scrape this information successfully or the information isn't there to be scraped. If we could turn this information ON/OFF then this would help alleviate the problem.
millercentral Offline
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I would love to see homescreen background options for Movies and TV Shows of Fanart for "Recent Movies", "Random Movies" and "Recent Episodes" and "Random Episodes" that does not require using Artwork Organizer to make a separate folder of the Fanart. This is one of my favorite features of Nox that I haven't seen anywhere else.

Would also love to see a "not quite so low" list, with an option to use Banners instead of text for TV Shows,

Great skin, Thank You!
warlion Offline
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A full integration with TV Show - Next Aired. add on , like Aeon skin will be great
aptalca Offline
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(2013-12-12 22:43)warlion Wrote:  A full integration with TV Show - Next Aired. add on , like Aeon skin will be great

Yeah, this one

Transparency does that too (shows when the next episode will air when you select a show), and is the only thing I miss since the switch
xbmc17 Offline
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A "clean" Now Playing window for music without all the extra items that have been added to skins lately. A great example is this, unfortunately the link for the code is broken. This clean look conforms to the simple yet beautiful look of Ace.


Also, proper extrafanart functionality for fanart on the Now Playing window. If there is an extrafanart folder for an artist show these. If there is not, but there is a fanart.jpg in the artist folder display this. Otherwise display the default music fanart. If the album is tagged with "Various Artists" most skins show the "Various Artists" fanart, it should show the "Artist" instead. This works properly in Aeon Nox, I have not seen it work in any other skin. I believe the way Nox makes this work is the user specifies their music folder and the skin looks up the "Artist" there and checks for a fanart.jpg or an extrafanart folder.
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danroberto Offline
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I love ACE, specially the shelf viewtype.

If you can add a small info in shelf (at the top, above the covers, like in multiplex...), as well as boxes graphics (dvd/bluray etc.) it will be perfect!

Thank you!
john6555 Offline
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Really looking forward to ACE 2! I will add suggestions here as I think of them.

1) Allow moving the vertical menu items up and down (I prefer TV Shows at the top and then Movies for example). Moving the sub-menu items up and down would be nice too, since currently you can only remove and add them until you have your items in the right order.

2) Allow more favorites and addons in the sub-menus, similar to MQ5 (with more than 2400 items supported).

3) More customization over now playing screen for music (hide certain elements, etc).

4) This may be a limitation of XBMC, but when you select a favorite which is an item within an addon (for example, a specific podcast series in the Apple iTunes Podcasts addon), there is a delay to load the favorite (I guess because the addon has to be loaded first, then navigate to the item) - during which an intermediary window is shown. Currently this is just a generic Ace blank window, but if possible a blank screen with a loading indicator would look better. I can provide screenshots if necessary, I know that might be a little confusing.