XBMC on QNAP Arm-based CPU with Web interface

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moserroger Offline
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Hello all

I love the look of xbmc and it seems to be very sophisticated.

I have a QNAP Nas TS-419 PII which runs on an Arm-based CPU. I found the XBMC for Linux/QNAP but it is discribed as running only on Intel-based architecture. And in fact. After I installed it of course it wouldnt work.

I would be extremely happy if there was a way to have XBMC running on my Arm-based Nas. I would also need a web interface that I can access to play all types of media (movies, music, fotos) and I would need it to be able to use the user right managment of the Nas or be able to handle user right management including the ability to manage rights to access subfolders.

Is there any version of XBMC that would allow me to do that? Or is there any work in progress that would allow such a set up?

Once again I have to stretch that I would be very happy to be able to use the XBMC Media Center because it looks and seems to be awsome!

I thank you for the answers.



21.12.2013: Too bad there were no replies so far...! No chance for ARM-support?
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Even the QNAPs that do support this seem to be very flaky at doing it anyway (check qnap forums, flooded with complaints)

Your best bet would be to use the NAS as it's intended. File storage.

And use another device to run the XBMC front end. If cost is an issue I;d recommend a Raspberry Pi with a high Class SD card. If you wanted to you could even have the database on the QNAP running from MySQL.

As for web interface to your media, you should already have this available on your NAS via mediamanager (or something along those lines) or you could install Twonkymedia package onto your NAS also.

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