script to launch slideshow

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Hi guys,

I would like to create a script (seems quicker to run rather than a plugin) in order
to launch picture slideshow based on keyword (matching my picture).
I have a file including the path of all my pictures :
/mnt/nas/Photo/19xx/1997/2 Emilie 6 mois/Emilie 6 mois (136).jpg
/mnt/nas/Photo/19xx/1997/2 Emilie 6 mois/Emilie 6 mois (137).jpg
The idea is to enter keywords, to browse my file, build a list of picture, launch slideshow. ;-)
I would like to either select keyword from a list or to enter it via keyboard.

I ran my first script from
I saw how to use virtual keyboard.

Now, I 'm stuck trying to call a build in function : SlideShow(dir [,recursive, [not]random])

I don't understand how I could call this function.
OK, i'm full newbie in python.;-)

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance.
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